Farm Business Management Review

This is basis of the business it included the products listed below but as a rule it incorporates an “AS IS” analysis. This covers a basic summary of the farming business as it is at that time and 2 years of budgets including income schedule e.g. cropping. An analysis of previous financial returns and budgets to try to ascertain how the business has been trading and where it is going is completed.

The product is similar to a bank review.

Identifying and managing risk in your business

This product is developed from the basic report but identifies the type of risk e.g. interest rates, debt levels, seasons, farmer age etc that affect the business.  Comments revolve around trying to manage this risk.

Analysing options

This product is developed from the basic report but in this analysis we develop options with the clients and then test them for practicality, risk, cash flow effects against their “AS IS” Scenario.

Viability analysis

This product is developed from the basic report but specifically tests the business against a set of viability criteria.  This is often the first step in succession planning i.e. check if the business is viable.

Passing on the family farm planning

This product is developed from the basic report but uses input from other reports to make sure that some of the family want to take over and that the business is strong enough to do this. Then a plan is developed to achieve the goal.


In many situations of dispute within families or with neighbours a planned and structured meeting can be very successful to resolve difficulties. We are not part of the Qld Justice Department’s mediation service but offer a negotiation process similar to mediation. 

Under the Farm Finance Strategy, copy available from us, farmers and graziers suffering severe financial hardship can request Farm Debt Mediation with their banker or their bank can initiate this. We link closely with Denis McMahon from the Farm & Legal Service of Legal Aid Queensland to prepare the proposal to put to the bank for discussion at the mediation.

Other Services

Project planning and marketing

Over the years we have managed many projects including building fit outs and commissioning, product launches, large scale on farm projects e.g. irrigation planning.

Community Capacity and resilience building

We have consultancies with the Australasian Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health with their Building Bridges project. Also we have a consultancy with the Queensland Mental Health Alliance’s Mental Health Community Coordination (Resilient Places) Project.

We are always looking to help the rural communities that support our farmers deal with the many challenges they face. 

Access to govt and other grants where applicable.

There are many grants that are available that farmers and small business are not aware they qualify for. We can advise what if nay grants clients can apply for. We are accredited to apply for and complete these grant applications.

First consultation free

To encourage potential clients to at least come and speak with us; we offer this service. We often simply refer these people to our wide network.

Written quotes available

This way there are no nasty surprises at the end of the job. We do not charge for preparation of quotes.


After 25 years experience, Rod Saal, and with staff of similar experience our access to other professionals, advisors etc is second to none and we freely refer clients to other specialist services.