How Ag Assist can help you

How do you ensure the best decisions are being made on the farm?  Traditionally, farmers have found the financial management aspects of managing their farm business to be challenging and often relatively difficult compared with the actual farming. There are not many advisors equipped to undertake this work and many accountants are not trained in farm business management.  We aim to help farmers address this information gap.  Agriculture and business operation is constantly changing.  We don’t operate in isolation and work closely with our referral network. 

Our services

  • Business management review

This is a review of the business it can include the services listed below but also incorporates an ‘as is’ analysis.  This covers a basic summary of the farming business as it is at that time and 2 years of budgets including income schedule e.g. cropping. An analysis of previous financial statements and budgets to try to ascertain how the business has been trading and where it is going.

  • Succession planning


  • Cashflow budgeting


  • Year in year out assessments


  • Bank reviews

Our work will assist you to ensure your finances are well-established to attract the best rate possible

  • Bank finance & refinance


  • Viability assessments

 Test your farm business against a set of criteria

  • Bank mediation


  • Government and non government grant applications 

A forever changing space. We keep updated on the latest opportunities for primary producers

  • Facilitation and mediation

In many situations of dispute within families or with neighbours a planned and structured meeting can be very successful to resolve difficulties.   Under the Farm Finance Strategy, farmers and graziers suffering severe financial hardship can request  Farm Debt Mediation with their banker or their bank can initiate this. We link closely with the Farm & Legal Service of Legal Aid Queensland to prepare the proposal to put to the bank for discussion at the mediation

  • Wills, estate and retirement planning


  • Project planning and marketing

Over the years we have managed many projects including building fit outs and commissioning, product launches, large scale on farm projects eg irrigation planning

  • Carbon farming advice


  • Referrals to specialist in our network if required

Why use our services

    • Free up your time to do what you want to do
    • Independent advice. Our independence allows us to provide frank recommendations without the hinderance of alliances whereby clients can be assured that their best interests are at the forefront of our advice
    • Trusted networks.  Wide range of qualifications and experience, whom have all been personally involved with farming.  We have an extensive network of industry contacts from all areas of agriculture as well as accountants, financiers and solicitors
    • Up to date. Keeping abreast of new agricultural technologies, legislation changes, funding and grant opportunities
    • First consultation is FREE, we encourage you to contact us, even if we simply refer you to our wider network for other services
    • Written quotes so there are no nasty surprises at the end of the job.  We do not charge for the preparation of quotes.